• Books $200.00
  • Tuition $3510.00
  • State Permit Fee $20.00
  • State Test Fee $60.00
  • Total $3790.00

*Applicable sales tax will be charged to books. 

Arthur's Beauty College, Inc. does not charge any type of interest on the balance of your account while enrolled.

Therefore, the "annual percentage rate" for interest purposes is 0%. Tuition must be paid in accordance with your enrollment agreement. Arthur's Beauty College, Inc. reserves the right to interrupt training when a student is behind in the payment of tuition. All tuition, personal charges, overtime fees, and mandatory day fees must be paid in full before you will be eligible to take the State Licensing Exam. If you have a balance upon graduation or withdrawal from your course of study you need to contact the operations manager at your campus to set up payment arrangements. Any credit granted shall be paid promptly, in accordance with terms and agreements. If the account goes into default Arthur's Beauty College, Inc. may add interest at one and one-half percent (1½%) per month to any balance owed, to pay all reasonable collection charges and/or attorney fees.

Tuition and Fee Schedule

All program totals include Tuition, Kit, Books,

iPad, Registration and State Permit & Exam fees.

Prices starting in effect January 2019.


  • Kit $1500.00
  • State Board Kit $150.00
  • iPad Bundle $750.00
  • Tuition $14,250.00
  • State Permit Fee $20.00
  • State Test Fee $60.00
  • Total $16,730.00

*Applicable sales tax will be charged to books and kit.