Training students for the 21st century

Mission Statement
Our Mission

The primary objective of Arthur’s Beauty College is to provide the education and practical training needed to become a licensed professional in the field of Cosmetology or Instructor Training. We strive to encourage our students to meet their highest potential through a combination of faculty leadership, personal attention and technical training. At Arthur’s, our students receive a solid foundation of knowledge and skills on which to build a successful future.

 Staff and Administration

Systems Office - Jacksonville, Arkansas 

  • Chris Strawn, Director/CEO/Instructor 
  • Carla Jones, Director of Compliance/Instructor 
  • Lizzy Smith, Director of Education/Instructor
  • Teresia Klase, Director of Financial Aid/VA Certifying Official 
  • LeAnn Peeks, Student Support Services Director
  • Renee Fitzhugh, Administrative Assistant
  • ​Wade Strawn, CFO/VP/Instructor
  • Mandy Strawn, Director of Marketing

Jacksonville Campus 

  • Kylee Henry, Operations Manager/VA Certifying Official
  • Rebecca Thurman, Instructor
  • Linda Perry-Johnson, Instructor
  • Karen Massey, Instructor
  • Linda Faye Franklin, Night Instructor

Conway Campus 

  • Charity Robinson, Operations Manager/VA Certifying Official
  • Karen Corn, Instructor
  • Toni Stane, Instructor
  • Joni Hinton, Instructor
  • Denice Gaines, Instructor

Fort Smith Campus 

  • Linda Rambo, Operations Manager/VA Certifying Official
  • Cammie Tuttle, Instructor
  • Michelle Rambo-Strawn, Instructor
  • Dell Nelson, Instructor
  • ​Chet Strawn, Administrator

Jonesboro Campus 

  • Jennifer Lamproe, Operations Manager/VA Certifying Official
  • Lisa Fletcher, Instructor
  • Shera Smith, Instructor
  • Angel Hill, Instructor

Call Instructors 

  • Chris Strawn 
  • Carla Jones 
  • Jeannie Bonds
  • Lizzy Smith​​
  • Gwen Cline
  • Christy Jones
  • ​Wendell Lewis

Faculty And Staff

Family Owned and Operated for Three Generations. Arthur's Beauty College, Inc. is in its third generation as a family owned and operated business, continuing a fine reputation of educating Cosmetology and Instructor students in Arkansas. Arthur's Beauty College was established in 1956 by Chris Strawn's grandmother. Chris & Eddie Strawn purchased Arthur's Beauty College in 1999 from Arthur Doyle, Chris's father.