Staff and Administration

Systems Office - Jacksonville, Arkansas 

  • Chris Strawn, Director/CEO/Instructor 
  • Carla Jones, Director of Compliance/Instructor 
  • Lizzy Smith, Director of Education/Instructor
  • Teresia Klase, Director of Financial Aid/VA Certifying Official 
  • LeAnn Peeks, Student Support Services Director
  • Wendy Bolls, Administrative Assistant
  • ​Wade Strawn, CFO/VP/Instructor
  • Mandy Strawn, Director of Marketing
  • Chet Strawn, Administrator 

Jacksonville Campus 

  • Kylee Henry, Operations Manager/VA Certifying Official
  • Rebecca Thurman, Instructor
  • Linda Perry-Johnson, Instructor
  • Karen Massey, Instructor
  • Linda Faye Franklin, Night Instructor

Conway Campus 

  • Charity Robinson, Operations Manager/VA Certifying Official
  • Karen Corn, Instructor
  • Toni Stane, Instructor
  • Joni Hinton, Instructor

Fort Smith Campus 

  • Linda Rambo, Operations Manager/VA Certifying Official
  • Alisa Sullivan, Instructor
  • Cammie Tuttle, Instructor
  • Michelle Rambo-Strawn, Instructor
  • Dell Nelson, Instructor

Jonesboro Campus 

  • Jennifer Lamproe, Operations Manager/VA Certifying Official
  • Kayla Meeks, Instructor
  • Lisa Fletcher, Instructor
  • Shera Smith, Instructor

Call Instructors 

  • Chris Strawn 
  • Carla Jones 
  • Jeannie Bonds
  • Lizzy Smith
  • Angela Hill
  • Gwen Cline
  • Christy Jones
  • ​Wendell Lewis

Faculty And Staff

Family Owned and Operated for Three Generations. Arthur's Beauty College, Inc. is in its third generation as a family owned and operated business, continuing a fine reputation of educating Cosmetology and Instructor students in Arkansas. Arthur's Beauty College was established in 1956 by Chris Strawn's grandmother. Chris & Eddie Strawn purchased Arthur's Beauty College in 1999 from Arthur Doyle, Chris's father. 



Training students for the 21st century

Mission Statement
Our Mission

The primary objective of Arthur’s Beauty College is to provide the education and practical training needed to become a licensed professional in the field of Cosmetology or Instructor Training. We strive to encourage our students to meet their highest potential through a combination of faculty leadership, personal attention and technical training. At Arthur’s, our students receive a solid foundation of knowledge and skills on which to build a successful future.