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600 Clock Hour Program & Current Practitioners License

This training and license will qualify you to teach within the scope of your practitioner’s license. There is a growing need in the beauty industry to meet the never-ending demand for well-trained Instructors.

I acknowledge that by submitting this form, I may be contacted by  text/email/call using the number provided by a staff member of Arthur's Beauty College.

LeAnn Peeks is the Title IX Coordinator for Conway, Jacksonville, Fort Smith and Jonesboro campuses.

Fort Smith Campus

2000 North B Street

Fort Smith, AR 72901

Phone 479-783-3301
Fax 479-783-7860

FAFSA Code: 015099

The Fort Smith campus was purchased in March 2005 and is located one block off Rogers Avenue on North B Street. In Fort Smith we offer the COSMETOLOGY and INSTRUCTOR programs.


The full time program is Monday - Friday 9:00am-3:30pm. It is designed to be completed in 12.5 months. The part time schedule is Monday - Friday 9:00am-1:30pm. It is designed to be completed in 16 months. Students on the part time schedule are required to attend 9:00am-3:30pm for the first 4 weeks.

We offer a wide variety of services on our student clinic floor. We encourage our students to start building their clientele when they start the cosmetology program. We accept walk-ins and appointments during the week. Please contact our campus for more information about requesting an appointment with one of our cosmetology students. Visit our facebook page to see current styles that our students are doing. All services are performed by students under the supervision of a licensed instructor. 

Arthur's Beauty College does not charge any type of interest on the balance of your account while enrolled.

Arthur’s Beauty College does not charge any type of interest on the balance of your account while enrolled.  Therefore, the “annual percentage rate” for interest purposes is 0%. Tuition must be paid in accordance with your enrollment agreement. Arthur’s Beauty College accepts payment in any combination of the following: cash, check, money order, credit or debit card (pre-authorization required), Title IV, G.I. Benefits, Rehab, TAA, scholarship, and/or loans. 

Cosmetology Program Costs

  • Cosmetology Kit $1400* see our kit

  • Book Bundle $375*
  • Chromebook $395*
  • Tuition $15,750
  • ​State Permit Fee $20*
  • Written Exam Fee $60*

Applicable sales tax will be charged on Cosmetology kit, Cosmetology book bundle and Chromebook.

Cosmetology - 1500 Clock Hour Program​

Cosmetology is the professional skill or practice of beautifying the hair, skin and nails. As a Cosmetologist, you are licensed to work in the fields of hair care, skin care and nail care. You may work with one or more specialties or in the entire field.  Whatever you choose, your career options are virtually unlimited.  You may choose to be a stylist, salon owner, manager, color technician, perm specialist, sales representative, platform artist, cosmetic chemistry, image consultant, etc. The list could go on and on. 

Instructor Program

Instructor Program Costs

  • Instructor Books $176.95*
  • Tuition $3510
  • ​State Permit Fee $20*
  • Written Exam Fee $60*

*Applicable sales tax will be charged to instructor books. 

Financing Tuition Costs

Cosmetology Program

Financial Aid

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